Rider’s Konfidence VIP Program
with Katheleen Daigle

Being stressed out, not able to breathe freely before a race…

Not knowing exactly what your horse needs to help you win, ads up to the stress you often go through.

This is not fun…


But did you know that there is another way to go?


This is exactly what we will work on together in my Rider’s Konfidence VIP Program.


By joining this unique 10 weeks program, you will learn how to:

– Feel more connected than ever to your horse ;
– Have more confidence in yourself before each race, and in life in general ;
– Have a better understanding of your goals ;
– Learn how to breathe to be more relax when you ride ;
– Know yourself and your horse better, so you can be the perfect team ;
– Stop focusing on the fear and negative to be calm and confident with your horse
– Have a better connection with your horse
– Learn how to destroy your barriers and clean up the BS that prevents you from having better results in your riding
– Enjoy the moment !

Are you ready to remove some pressure from your shoulder and make your riding time enjoyable again?


10 weeks program to connect to yourself and be the perfect rider for your horse

(Every group session is delivered by Katheleen Daigle)

Also included in the program:


➔ Private Facebook Community to ask questions between the weekly meetup and to share with the other riders.
➔ The recording of each Zoom calls.
➔ Other videos to complement the live calls.
➔ Bonus access to the clinic ’All of Our Expert’ Favorite Equipments (47$ value)




It will be from October 17 to December 19, if you can’t be on live with us, you will have the replays.

Dates and contents may change according to participants’ needs.

Your investment:

998$ or 2 monthly payments of 499$

One-time payment of $998.00

2 monthly payments of $499.00

‘’The VIP program has been such a blessing to Reba and me. I have learned so much from Kathleen. She is a great teacher.
I’ve learned how to control my breathing emotions and nerves before competing. I feel so connected to Reba I feel we are becoming the team I hoped for.

I’ve learned so many different techniques to help not just in the arena but in everyday life. Many Thanks to Kathleen.
I sure will miss our zoom meeting ❤️”.


Tammy Ratcliff

“ Katheleen Daigle’s VIP Program was such a great experience! It was so educational and provided tools to help me with my horses and personal life. Every lesson was something new and interesting that I hadn’t thought about before. I have used lots of the exercises to help my horse’s performance and my own performance. Katheleen does a fantastic job of being a teacher and feeling very available throughout the whole course. I would definitely recommend that anyone who wants a deeper connection with themselves and their horse to participate in Katheleen’s awesome program! “


Savannah Shumpert

Katheleen Daigle, your facilitator

Animal communicator over the past few years, Katheleen moved to the United States from Quebec, Canada 2 years ago to fully concentrate on communicating with animals. With 23 years of teaching experience, she’s used this to help horse trainers and horse lovers to better understand their horses; both health and training.


She decided to establish Horse Konfidence in order to meet with more people and to realize her main goal, which is the well-being of animals.


With all the horses Katheleen communicated with, a lot of them talk about how they feel their rider, their stress and more. She wants to help more the horse, the owner and the rider. She was wondering how she could help everyone at the same time. That’s when the ‘’download” of this program came in. She wants to share all her tools and knowledge that she uses to connect better with herself and attend her own goals. Once again, all of this is done with one goal: help you make a better team with your horse!